Design and Customize your Tutu - Tulle Skirts long or short!
Tutu - Custom Design - Made in America

Design your own tutu!  This is a 4 layer soft tulle tutu that you customize.  When making your tutu, if you want to add the Glitter tulle, please use the Glitter tulle as the top layer only. The glitter tulle is beautiful, and will accent the underneath tulle Colors. The color tulle will show through the glitter tulle nicely.  All tulle is sheer.  Our 4 layers of tutu give some coverage. You still may need a simple slip.  We can sew in a satin circle slip , or you can wear booty shorts, leggings...etc.   

Sizes: Waists - We go from 16" to 58" Waists

Length:  You can choose your length As short or as long as you want.   Examples:  A 12" Tutu will hit the upper-thigh.  A 17" will lower thigh.  21" is at the knee for petite ladies and above knee for taller ladies.   25" covers knee.  Tea length is mid calf  26" to 30 is tea length, depending on your height.  A romantic tutu length is tea length at the calf.   Finally 35 through 44" is ankle or floor length.

Here below are inspiration photos, and examples of what you can custom order.  You have a lot of freedom to create and alter. Have fun!

Tulle Skirts - Tutus- With Satin Liner Slips sewn in



          Shown 18" Length on a petite model  5'3"

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                  22" Length                                                                               27" Length                                                                       26" Length


  (Mint Green)

                                                                   30" Length Above- All 3 shown w the Satin Ribbon Sash 1 layer tulle wrap around option


     These are 40" and 42" Long

Customize and purchase your tulle skirt here.

DECIDE:  Do you want the tulle skirt with a Satin Sash Tulle 1 Layer wrap around as above?  Or, just the tulle skirt with the slip as in top row photos?

1. Choose the Tulle Color :        2 Choose Satin slip Color :      3. Choose the Length:      4.Measure your waist at the naval area (slight snugness on tape measure)  5. Decide if you want the Sattin Ribbon Sash w 1 layer Tulle Skirt -Ribbon goes  around waist twice

Tutu Tulle Skirt with Satin Slip

Gorgeous Tulle Skirt with Satin Liner and option of Wrap around Sash+Tulle Layer

Tulle Colors:



Liner-Slip Sewn In:

Ribbon Sash Tie On Wrap Skirt:

Waist Range:

Exact Length (Measure from naval .. down):

Quantity:Price: $99.00 (starts at)


More Tutus you can design yourself  A traditional tulle tutu - no satin liner slip

  Plum, a very popular color for us - shown 28" tea length

Carrie Bradshaw and Vintage Seafoam Tulle Ballet Dress Photograph Carrie Bradshaw in Paris - Mint Green  - Scroll Down & Build it yourself  -- Custom Tutus



 OPTION:  Tulle Skirt with a sewn in Black Satin Slip, topped off with a  3" Wide Ribbon Sash Tie on skirt Top Layer -  Satin Ribbon Wraps Around waist  1/2  x  and ties , it has 1 Layer of  Tulle  skirting Attached to it.  Many colors  Order Below - Choose your waist, length and colors

Colors................... Black, white, Ivory, Plum, Royal, Navy....see some below ...   MORE COLORS

     Red (shown 26"L)                Turquoise                                Purple                                Pink                                    Hot Pink    

              Lime                                    Yellow                                  Rainbow                                  Multi Brights


        Grey Shimmer                            Plum  


 MORE COLORS:  Mint, Royal Blue, Navy, Black , White, Ivory,  Light Blue, Kelly Green, Coral, Lavender

Grmal tulle. If you want a shimmer,  then order Shimmer in the pull down color menu)  



Tulle Colors:

Length: From your naval DOWN to where you want it


Give us your exact waist measurement here.  Waist at Naval area 

Exact Length (Measure from naval area.. and then down. Tutus sit above hips, just below waistline)

Quantity: Price: $39.95 and UP

These take 7-10 days before they are made and shipped. We hand make it just for you ! These are not returnable, so design wisely!  No one else will have your tutu skirt.... you will love designing yours! If you need help, email us







Tutus Adult

Tutus Child/Baby

Flower Girl tutus

Custom made Tutus




Ruffle & Lace Panties    

Selena Gomez Tutu 

Hair Clips/Bands

Weddings/ Brides


We have several styles of high fashion tutus for you to choose from...get ready for some fun

                                                        Hand Made in the USA !

 Tutus with an Edge

Multi Layer Black with/Neon Colors Tutu


        Floor Length Tutu Long                     Flower Girl / Princess Tea Length


Carrie Bradshaw White Tutu- 3 Tiers



      Dog Tutus