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Plus size tutus for sexy larger women    PLUS Size 38"-60" Waists - Size  16, 18, 20. 22,24 XXXL
Short, long, tea length. you name it and we will make it!

 A tulle skirt with high waist is the perfect way to show off your curves.  Very flattering to your figure.  Oh so comfortable too!

Celebrate your body, love the body you are in right now.  Above: Ivory Tulle with Light Pink Satin Liner   Skirt is 24" Long

Tutu - Custom Design your own tutu :  Choose your waist size & length.  Choose the tulle color, then the satin liner color.  Decide if you want to add a wrap around layer w wide satin ribbon sash/bow.

Tulle Colors:



Liner-Slip Sewn In:

Ribbon Sash Tie On Wrap Skirt:

Waist Range (neasure just above naval) (Example 48" to 49"):

Exact Length (Measure from naval .. down to where you want skirt):

Quantity:  To see the cost of what you have just designed, click the Add to Cart Button


More Tutus you will love - these do not have a satin liner slip - wear shorts or leggings under these.

These tutus span class="itemDescription"> have an edge.. Wickedly fun to wear,   3" Wide flat waistband, very comfortable to wear made with 4 Layers of Tutu Tulle!

  Black and Neon Lime Green 4 Layer Tutu

Black 4 layer Tutu

Black and Purple 4 Layer

Multi Color Neon Brights



Rainbow (reversible)    

This is a 4 layer tutu with 3 layers of bright colors that show through the hot pinktop layer. It is so unique and unlike any other tutu out there. The bright colors of Hot Pink, Lime, Purple, Yellow, Turquoise  through and look stunning as the wearer moves.


Tutus .. Wickedly fun to wear. 3" Wide flat waistband, very comfortable. 4 Layers of Tutu Tulle! 


Tutus Feather Edge

Tutus with an edge.... Wickedly fun to wear



Comments to us: GIVE US YOUR Waist Size at the Naval:

Quantity:Price: $38.95 and UP


Most orders ship within 7-10  Business days.  We make your tutu for you :}



Tutu - Custom Design -   Design and Customize your Tutu - Tulle Skirts long or short!

Design your own tutu!!!!! When making your tutu, if you decide to use glitter tulle, please use the Glitter tulle as the top layer only. The glitter tulle is beautiful, and will accent the underneath tulle Colors. The color tulle will show through the glitter tulle nicely.
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